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Vitamins and supplements

In the whirlpool of busy modern life, it can often feel like you need a little more support. Whether you are concerned for your children, picking up every bug going at nursery; or are struggling against low energy levels yourself, a vitamin supplement can provide the boost you need. At Wondercare, we believe in holistically supporting your everyday health, and vitamins and supplements can be a great way to help you through a huge range of conditions.

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If you’re a parent, your first worry is likely to be for your children. Vitamins can help them live their healthiest lives from their very first months. Our range of baby vitamins includes top brands such as VitaBiotics, BabyVit, and Abidec. Whether you are looking for a multi-purpose multivitamin, or want to get the recommended dose of vitamin D, Wondercare can help.

Older children will need a lot of health support as they go through the various rites of passage, from nursery to starting school. Each new contact with their contemporaries will likely lead to a whole new range of infections, from the endless toddler cold to more serious conditions such as chicken pox and croup. Whether you just want to boost your general immunity, or they need specific help to recover after an illness, Wondercare’s selection of top-quality childhood supplements is a great place to start. Multivitamins such as those from VitaBiotics, Centrum, and L’il Critters can provide young immune systems with the extra support they need to keep your small people up and running!

A question we often hear from parents is the best way to get their kids to take their vitamins. We feel this is down to personal choice, so we provide a range of different options. Many children seem to take well to chewable vitamin gummies – since they so closely resemble sweets! Centrum’s range is a great favourite and is designed to support everything from immunity to energy. For younger children, drops or syrup is more advisable. Abidec’s Advanced MultiVitamin Syrup is reinforced with Omega 6 and 9, and has a delicious raspberry flavour, making it popular with kids and easy to swallow!

However, vitamins and supplements aren’t just for children. Adults can benefit hugely from a regular vitamin supplement, and there are many different types catering to different lifestyles and medical needs. For women, Active Iron’s capsules can boost health and vitality, especially for those who suffer from anaemia or who feel lethargic during menstruation. Revive Active create a range to support joint health, which may be particularly suitable for those who want to support cartilage, bones, connective tissue & muscle function.

From menopause to immune support to those with specific deficiencies, a regular vitamin supplement can help your health leap forward. At Wondercare, we’re here to support your overall health, every day, and our extensive selection of vitamins and supplements can help you find the healthcare solution you need.

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