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Specialist skincare can feel like a minefield, but if you have a specialist condition you need to treat, look to Relife. Their approach is to create holistic premium-quality skincare that helps people around the globe regain their inner and external harmony.

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Relife’s mission statement is conscious innovation in well-being. They want to take a new approach to dermatology, integrating skincare with the care of the rest of the body, taking a holistic approach to the entire health and appearance of a person. 

Relife consider the skin to be the mirror of well-being. Their dermatologists create products designed to help the user look and feel their very best. 

Those with dermatitis should consider using Relife Relizema Cream. This tackles the itching and flushing of the skin associated with different types of dermatitis, including atopic and contact dermatitis. Through its derma-protective action, Relife Relizema Cream helps maintain and restore the physiological skin barrier. Additionally, the formulation protects, moisturizes, and soothes. Relife Relizema Cream contains lipids, emollients and antioxidants, and can be used to treat symptoms of eczema and erythema (reddening of the skin), as well as dermatitis. 

Skin conditions in babies can be particularly distressing. Nappy rash is a common complaint, but it can cause real pain and discomfort to your baby. Relife’s Baby Care Skin Protective Barrier is a cream that forms a protective barrier over the delicate skin on the genital and buttock area. It is suitable for use on babies’ sensitive and delicate skin, particularly the nappy area, and also on elderly patients’ fragile skin. It contains zinc to protect the skin, taurine to hydrate the skin, almond oil to moisturise, and panthenol to repair the skin barrier. Relizema Baby Care relieves and prevents reddening and burning sensations by forming a protective film against external irritants, helping your baby feel better, fast. 

If you’re suffering from discolouration and uneven pigmentation of the skin, you might feel very self-conscious and keen to improve your appearance. The Relife Pigment Solution Program can help. It gives you a clinically proven treatment system specifically formulated for the reduction of hyperpigmentation and melasma. It contains a trio of products that when used in combination can significantly reduce pigmentation and dark spots in up to 28 days.

The Relife Pigment Solution Program comprises the Pigment Solution Preparation Cleanser, the Pigment Solution Day Cream, and the Pigment Solution Night Cream. Through careful cleansing, melanin inhibitors, skin protection and moisturizing, plus cell renewal and a double peeling effect to even-out skin tone, Relife gives you a luxurious way to transform your skin. 

With products to look after acne-prone skin, treatments for localised hyperkeratosis, and solutions for very dry areas such as feet and hands, Relife provides a comprehensive skin-care program, to help you look and feel your very best.

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