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Fever (Children)

It can be worrying when your child has a fever, especially if you are also feeling run down yourself. Fevers have many causes, such as colds, teething, earaches and immunisations, so it can be tricky to work out how to help your little one when they are feeling ill. Our range of fever medications for children can help to keep them calm and relaxed, which will promote healing.

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Teedex Oral solution is a popular option that contains paracetamol and antihistamine, promoting good sleep and relieving painful symptoms. This can be given to children over the age of two years but it is very important to give the correct dosage for your child’s age/weight so read the package insert carefully.

We stock Nurofen, an ibuprofen-based product, and Calpol, which contains paracetamol, so you can choose the option and flavour that is best for your child. There are several different suspensions or melt-in-the-mouth tablets, or even a suppository option if that works best for you.

Don’t forget that fever is an essential way for the body to heal itself and a slightly increased temperature is usually a good sign that your child is fighting off an infection. You may choose to give your child fever medication if they are in pain or discomfort or if you are worried about a very high temperature. It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you are concerned about your child’s symptoms, especially if they are under six months old.

We want to make sure that parents can access professional and accurate health advice at all times, and we’ll be happy to discuss your child’s health needs with you. We deliver across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK and you can also shop online for collection in our Milltown store or pop in to see our full range.

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