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Wondercare’s online pharmacy is your one-stop solution for all your healthcare needs. Whether you suffer from allergies, or your family has come down with seasonal snuffles, at Wondercare we can help. From products catering to the very smallest members of the family in our specially selected baby and children’s sections to adult health aids, we supply top-quality household medical supplies that no home should be without.

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When everyday ailments strike you down, you want to be prepared. From sore throats to pain relief, congestion to constipation, at Wondercare we can help you be ready to look after yourself and others when you need it most. With our support, you can make sure your cupboards are well supplied with the daily essentials to keep your family in tip-top health.

At Wondercare, we are proud to stock leading-brand products that can treat many common conditions. Cetrine and Medicare are top providers of anti-allergy medicines, while our cold and flu treatments feature market leaders such as Nurofen, Anadin and Benylin. Suffering from cold symptoms can make everyday life miserable, so we supply something for every complaint – for sore throats we’d recommend Strepsils, and Actifed is a great way to unblock sinuses, making breathing more comfortable.

Looking after children who are ill can be particularly stressful. When they are small and it’s hard for them to explain what the problem is, many parents have been thankful for the gentle healing properties of Calpol! Our range includes both the original and the sugar-free options, with medicines suitable for very young children as well as those who are six years plus (always check the label before administering medicines). And if you’re struggling with sticky bottles of liquid, or need something good for travel, why not try Calpol sachets or their Six Plus Fast Melts?

Congestion can be a particular problem when children are suffering from colds. It can make things especially hard just when you are hoping they will go to sleep! Wondercare offers a range of solutions here too. Sterimar’s Congestion Relief Nasal Spray can work wonders to clear little blocked noses, meaning they get the rest they need to recover – and so do you.

Similarly, coughs can stop anyone with a cold from sleeping, which only prolongs recovery time. For the kids, Broncho-Stop has some great options to soothe little throats and clear both dry and chesty coughs. For adults, the Benylin range can tackle the specific type of cough you are suffering with, while Broncho-Stop can offer both cough syrups and cough pastilles. Many adults swear by Day Nurse and Night Nurse – a ‘magic bullet’ style tablet that can treat many cold and flu symptoms in one.

It’s a good idea to keep lifestyle treatments in your everyday medical supplies too. Wondercare stocks a great range of these kinds of treatments, from digestion aids to nicotine patches. Whatever your family’s daily medical needs, look to Wondercare to keep your first aid cabinet properly filled.

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