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COVID Essentials

Covid-19 remains one of the major public health concerns of our times. Keep yourself and your loved ones protected with Wondercare. Our comprehensive range of covid-19 essentials equips you to prevent the spread of infection, identify if the illness is present, and treat any symptoms you may have.

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Prevention is, as the saying goes, better than cure. With the onset of the pandemic, most of us became much more mindful of the importance of hand hygiene and the measures we can take to stop germs from spreading. At Wondercare, our range of infection-prevention equipment can help keep you and your family safer.

A medical-grade face mask is a great place to start when you need to be careful of infection. Protect the kids with the ASAP Kids face mask, or let them stay trendy with a fashion pack of patterned masks. And send them back to school with confidence, armed with a back-to-school anti-viral pack which includes hand sanitiser, tissues, a pack of five masks, and anti-viral wipes.

For adults, we also stock a range of masks to suit all needs. Testing regularly can be a great defence against the spread of infection, so we supply everything from single antigen testing kits to more specialist supplies such as the Fluorecare® SARS-CoV-2 & Influenza A/B & RSV Antigen Combo Test Kit, which can give you results for four different diseases within the one test. This is a great tool, allowing you to identify which disease you may be suffering from within only 15 minutes.

It is notoriously hard to test children for covid, and unpleasant to administer the traditional nasal and oral swab testing. But Wondercare provides the solution. Covid antigen lollipop tests remove the need for painful testing, instead providing an easy and reliable antigen test from saliva (mouth fluids) swab.

The Pangao Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer is another essential in the battle against covid. If you want a swift and easy way to identify potential covid cases, this hygienic and simple way to take people’s temperatures is a must-have. Suitable for both children and adults, you will get an instant temperature reading, telling you if there is a fever present and when you need to be concerned.

Whether you need to shield a vulnerable relative, or simply need to manage daily life in a covid world, Wondercare’s extensive range of covid supplies can make you ready to tackle whatever life brings. From testing kits to masks, thermometers to hand sanitisers, when you want to get past covid, look to Wondercare.

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