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Breast Milk Storage

Children: Breast Milk Storage

Breast milk is the most healthy, nutritious option for your baby and it can adapt to suit your little one, changing with their needs as they grow and producing antibodies to fight off illnesses within a couple of hours of your baby becoming unwell. Learning to breastfeed can be a challenging process as not all babies take to it with ease, but finding the right equipment and support to help you establish and maintain breastfeeding is extremely valuable.

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If you choose to express breast milk and feed your baby using a bottle for some feeds, you will need to find a good system that works for you. You will need bottles, sterilising equipment, milk storage bags or pots and a bottle warmer if you want to feed your baby with expressed milk when you’re out and about. You will also need a good breast pump, and you may prefer an electric or manual style depending on your preferences and your milk flow. Some people find it easy to express a lot of milk by hand, while others struggle and find an electric pump the best option.

Breast pads are a breastfeeding essential, perfect for preventing leakage and soothing soreness, and you may find that nipple shields are helpful in the first few months if your baby has trouble latching on. If you do experience problems of this nature, it’s a good idea to talk to a lactation consultant as soon as possible to avoid disruption to your milk production. You may also find helpful support and advice via your midwifery team or online.

When you are breastfeeding your baby, you should ensure that you eat a healthy, balanced diet, including dairy products if you can tolerate them, and plenty of vegetables, as well as protein-rich foods. It is important to feed your baby when they are hungry, particularly at night, as this will help to establish your milk flow and will ensure that you are producing the right amount of milk for your baby’s changing needs. 

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