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Children’s Health: Asthma

Childhood asthma can be a difficult condition to live with and knowing how to take care of your child when they are struggling is great for their health and for your peace of mind. Here at Wondercare, we are committed to helping you take care of your family’s health, and our range of products includes many options that can make this easier. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your options and you may find a good solution for your situation.

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We love the Airphysio device, designed to clear mucus and encourage lung expansion. This is a gentle, drug-free way to promote better lung health and easier breathing. We stock a range of spacers to be used with prescription inhalers, and we can help to ensure you have the right size for your child to ensure they get the correct dosage for their age and weight.

Changing the environment around you can help alleviate the symptoms of asthma, especially if you live in an old house that may be prone to dampness or mould. Using a humidifier or dehumidifier might provide the solution you need, benefiting your whole family and making breathing easier for asthma sufferers. Alternatively, an air purifier might do the trick, and finding the right option for your environment is likely to make a big difference.

If you have had to attend a hospital for your child to use a nebuliser, you may find that the Medisana Inhaler aerosol therapy system for home use is an ideal way to manage your child’s asthma. It’s easy to use and can help you avoid emergency trips, keeping life calmer and giving you the reassurance you need.

At Wondercare, our priority is to ensure that you can access professional and accurate health advice at all times. Visit us in our Milltown store to see our full range of healthcare products for all the family, and find out more about the services we offer. We deliver across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK and you can also shop online for collection in-store.

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