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WonderCare Podcast

RSV: Vaccines are Coming!

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A WonderCare Podcast
A WonderCare Podcast
RSV: Vaccines are Coming!

RSV: The Vaccines are Coming!

In this episode I am so excited to bring you lots of news on the vaccine front in relation to RSV!

With vaccines and preventative treatments being approved by the EMA and NIAC‘s recommendation for their introduction to babies born in Ireland it is now only a matter of time before they land on our shore.

These vaccines have a potential to ease our Winter Health crisis which repeats itself year after year with hospitals way over capacity.

*Learn how to recognise and treat RSV here*

Vaccines discussed:

  1. Beyfortus (preventative treatment)
  2. Abrysvo 
  3. Abrexvy

Season 6 Partnership – Salin Plus (available here!)

I am so thrilled to be partnering with Salin plus  This 100% natural salt therapy device is suitable for both adults and children!  Tune in to learn more!

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