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Post Category: Asthma

A WonderBaba Review of Salt Therapy with Salins!

Why I wanted to review the Salin Plus Air  Purifier (Salt Therapy device)!

Salt therapy has been used for years in Eastern Europe and Russia where salt caverns are abundant. People use salt caves for the treatment and prevention of respiratory conditions which is known as ‘speleotherapy’. Modern salt caves and rooms are being built more frequently and a quick google search show that they are becoming more and more popular in Ireland. Halotherapy is the term used to describe the salt therapy in man made rooms. This type of therapy is not cheap at around 20 euro for 45-60 minutes!

I found lots of research about salt therapy but actually the evidence does not always confirm with standard or recommended medical research and as a result I do feel it is important to say that there is a lack of robust scientific research on the use of salt therapy. This is not necessary a reflection on its efficacy though, just more a note that further randomised controlled trials are needed before I could hand on heart say that this is evidence based medicine. At the moment I cannot so I just want to make that clear from the onset! However, the anecdotal evidence is outstanding and overwhelming and on both personal and professional levels I like to take a holistic approach to the treatment of illness. Salt therapy is not likely to do any harm ( however use caution in severe asthmatics as with any new treatment!) so I personally felt that I wanted to give it a try it! This is a product that does not contain drugs, it’s natural and it is also non-invasive. It should ALWAYS be used IN ADDITION to prescribed medication and no changes should be made to treatment plans without a discussion with your childs GP.

Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is thought to work through its mucolytic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a negatively charged ion. The negatively charged ions make contact with the respiratory airways and stimulate ciliary mobility and the ability for mucous to flow through the membranes. In addition to this the salt sits on the membranes and draws the mucous out by osmosis. Now this is cool because a persistent chesty cough is often caused by mucus plugs. In theory, this allows for clearer airways, improved removal of mucus from the chest and easier more free breathing. There are many respiratory conditions which cause a mucus build up where this type of therapy may be beneficial such as asthma, bronchitis, infections, allergies, sinusitis, laryngitis and so on.

It’s no secret that I’m a little obsessed with the Vicks Warm Steam Vapouriser and I suppose the key reason for this is that it is so absolutely effective at loosening mucus and conditioning the airways. This reduces inflammation and allows chesty coughs to be broken down allowing for easier breathing through the sinuses and lungs. People always ask me if they should use it all of the time as a preventative measure and it’s so important to stress that no, the Vick Vapouriser product is only meant for use when your child actually has a cough or cold. There’s a few reasons for this but on a practical level it just is not good for your walls to have 365 days of steam exposure! It doesn’t cause any problems when plugged in over night for a few nights when a child has a cold but even then I always recommend you to keep the bedroom door a foot open and make sure to open the windows wide for half an hour once everyone is dressed and up for the day! Following these guidelines I have never once had a problem with damp with over five years of sporadic use for three children! Yes the walls are steamy in the morning – they are meant to be! But once the room is well aired afterwards there should be no issue. I must say I absolutely love the Vicks Warm steam Vapouriser for cough or cold – and no I have not been paid to say that!!! It’s a quick fix providing almost instant relief for an irritating or chesty cough and has saved my sanity on several occasions over the last few years with the kids!

In any case I still had a problem, I wanted to find a product that is suitable for every day use. I wanted to find a product that would help my own children and other WonderBabas to fight back against the common occurrence of coughs, colds and respiratory illnesses.

salin plus salt therapy air purifierThe product I discovered is the Salin Plus Air Purifier which is a Salt Therapy machine. This takes all of the benefits of treatment in a salt room and pops it into a convenient little device which can be used in your own home! The benefits of visiting a salt therapy room or cave are relatively short term (and expensive!!) as you need constant exposure for constant relief which is why I love the convenience of this product. It is suitable for children of all ages – and adults too of course!

How does it work?

This device works by providing all of the benefits of salt therapy by having air pushed through a filter by a little fan so the micro-crystalline salts create a fine constant spray in the surrounding area. As a mum I always want to know the practical points and I can say that this machine is great in terms of sound – it’s very quiet and can be turned up or down using a simple dial on the back so that you can decide what level of sound your child will put up with! On a low setting you really can’t hear it at all, so you could start it low as your little one is going to sleep but then ramp it up when they are asleep to benefit from the increased levels of salt in the room. I was able to start it on a medium to high level before my two year old got curious!!

How you should use it?

When first starting off with this product it’s a good idea to have about a month of intensive use – basically have the machine plugged in at night and also in the rooms you are using during the day. Obviously this is only possible when you’re at home so all you can do is your best! Ideally it should be used for a minimum of eight hours per day so overnight seems like the easiest and most convenient time but because you can easily carry it around (I’m a weakling and seriously this thing is really light!) you can have it on in the living room during the day as well if you like. It is suitable for use as an every day product and will do no damage to your walls. One device will treat a max area of 55 sq meters. I’m not great on spacial awareness but some people do place the product in the hall if the bedrooms are close by and have the doors open. On another practical note it’s supposed to help with snoring so it is no harm to let everyone get the benefits….eh hem…yes i’m talking about you Mr WonderBaba….!!

How did my review go?

I tried this product out over almost four weeks. I have no asthmatics in the house so can’t comment on that front personally – but there’s a kazillion positive asthma stories online! I do have a little lady with constant tonsillitis who struggles with breathing at night and as a result snores a lot etc. This definitely reduced her snoring and so I think it is a fair assumption that it improved the quality of her sleep. My son has had a lingering cough and I tried the device in his room one night but to be honest the kids rooms are a shape where I couldn’t place the device between the rooms as the effect would have been lost so I chose to give it to my daughter who as I explained has more lingering breathing problems at night (not for long – good bye tonsils!!). For my son I went back to my old reliable Vick warm steam vapouriser which I feel I will still whip out at any sign of the sniffles or cough as i feel it is more of an ‘instant fix’. However from my personal experience with the improvement of my little ladies breathing I would be optimistic that the frequency of respiratory issues would be significantly reduced through the regular use of the Salin Plus Salt Therapy device. I would hope that many coughs and colds would not have a chance to settle on their chests due to the improved respiratory function and thinner mucus. It might seem like a leap of faith though but due to the astounding amount of anecdotal evidence it’s one that I have definitely been happy to make! I don’t stock products I don’t believe in but I will stock the Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device. Be warned though the machine is not cheap!! It retails at €160 and the replacement filters (need to be changed every 4-6 months) cost €50. I think that if it improves absenteeism from creche or school (and thus a parent from work) that it’s probably quite a good investment. Many people report a significant decrease in the number of antibiotics their child needed etc so that too is worth factoring in. For me potentially non-invasive and natural prevention is a clear choice!

Here’s what Salin have to say about its use for hay fever and allergies!

“Inhalation of dry salt aerosol from a Salin Plus device may help to cleanse the airways and greatly reduce the symptoms of hay fever. The size of the salt particles is the same as in natural salt caves – 1-5 µm. These so-called breathable particles penetrate the bronchial tree in the form of microcrystals. Diffused dry salt works as a “bronchial brush” for the airways.

Salt aerosol may help to relieve minor hay fever symptoms by increasing the airway passages and restoring the normal transport of mucous secretion, helping to free blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles, potentially leading to the elimination of residual tar and foreign allergens.

The Salin Plus device will also help to reduce airborne particles such as dust and pollen by filtering them out of the air as it is circulated through the G4 micro-crystallized pre-filter, which is designed to remove 98% of particles which are 10 micron or greater.”

Sounds good to me – I’ll be trying it all summer in this house and will report back!

Available to Purchase Here!

The Salin Plus Air Purifier is available on OFFER here over on my shop website!

 You can Also buy Salin Plus Air Purifier refills by clicking here!

I hope you found this information helpful and as always don’t hesitate to contact me on the WonderBaba Facebook page ( with any questions or for one to one advice for your little one! You can also consult with me in person at Milltown totalhealth Pharmacy in Dublin 6 or over the phone on 012600262.


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